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Dress up your boots,  gypsy pirate style, with a tribal coin anklet.

These are genuine coins from the Middle Eastern and Indian regions, previously worn by gypsy tribes such as Kuchi, Banjara, Kandiya, Turkoman and Waziri as part of their lively and colorful attire.  Once I acquired them, I shined them up, as best as I could without insulting the integrity of the vintage element of this beautiful mix of coins. The coins are all a little different, some larger, some smaller, from different regions, some with decorated loops or scalloped edges dangling from a golden weaved anklet measuring a little over 12 inches in length making it a perfect fit for most boots!  That is the standard size, but if you need it to be a little larger or smaller just send your request and I will be happy to accomidate that.  There is also a clasp so you can take it off and put it on another pair of boots with ease. 

This season, wander into love with jewelry that tells the story of another place and time.


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