Kuchi Tribal Jasper Pendant Necklace with Cowrie Shells

Item Description

A unique addition to the From Caravan to Market Collection.

This one of a kind tribal necklace features a genuine Kuchi tribal pendant with a lizard engraved in the center Jasper stone.  This pendant has been strung on a vintage silver chain which can be adjusted for a longer length if desired to make it suitable for either a male of female.  You can wear this necklace with a length of anywhere between 16 and 20 inches depending on how you want to wear it that day.  I can make this adjustable even longer if requested.   I've also added cowrie shells which are characteristic of Turkoman style jewelry since they have always been regarded as valueable.  Many cultures believe Cowrie shells to protect and bring good luck the wearer. This tribal necklace has a nice weight to it that feels good to wear so it stays in place when you move making it ideal for a bellydance costume or everyday wear.  This one of a kind necklace would make a perfect gift for a male or female that appreciates original jewelry that tells a story of another place or time. 

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