Vintage Bronze Turkoman Pendant Necklace Cowrie Shells and Coins Tribal Fusion Kuchi Bellydance

Item Description

This is a one of a kind necklace from my latest collection: From Caravan to Market.

I made this beautiful necklace using authentic vintage bronze Turkoman pendants. Traditionally, Central Asian pendants were shaped in symbolic form. One is the shape of a woman and the other two are unknown. I believe these pendants may have been given to a young bride in the hopes that she will be fertile, one of the most important attributes of a bride in that region and time. These are vintage bronze as indicated by the beautiful blue-green patina that only forms on bronze. I strung the pendants on a bronze chain and strung little tiny blue beads along the bottom. I also added cowrie shells which were worn for protection and considered as valuable as currency. I added genuine authentic Pakistani coins along the top and two on the bottom. These are also vintage coins with signs of natural patina. The necklace is made to adjust for a perfect length. This necklace has a nice weight to it and rests comfortably on the chest making it perfect for dance performances. This will ship via Priority Mail in the US and First Class Internationally.

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